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Superfruits Valley

Streamline operations and maximise productivity

Website & Mobile Apps


Chuping, Perlis, Malaysia

Business Size:
10-20 People

Business Type:

Technology Implemented:
Website & IoT

Partner Doing The Case:
LabWorks Digital |

Business Objective

Superfruits Valley is the largest superfruits farm in Malaysia at 130 acres located in Chuping, Perlis, Malaysia. They cultivate fruit trees such as Figs, Lemon, Passionfruit, Mulberry, Finger Lime, etc.

They wanted to create an IoT system that allows them to streamline its operations and maximize crop productivity. With the objectives:

  • Collect as many data points as possible
  • Provide historical data for predicting trends and patterns to help improve efficiency and productivity

Technology Solutions

Labworks developed a solution to allow Superfruits Valley farmers and administrators to collect real-life data on their crops for analytics to optimize and improve farming practices/processes.

  • IoT Network - An array of sensors connecting to the internet and applications
  • Mobile Apps - For farmers to retrieve data on-the-go

Bluetooth Sensor Function:

Automatically Collects and sends it to sensor gateway via Bluetooth


  1. Multi-metric capture capabilities
    • Air Temperature
    • Soil fertility
    • Soil Moisture
    • Sunlight Intensity
    • Weather
  2. Bluetooth-support
  3. Battery-powered (2-year lifespan)
  4. LED Identification to locate the sensor

Sensor Gateway Function:

Collects data from sensors via Bluetooth and stores it in a local server and database for pre-processing and sends data to a remote server for further processing analytics.


  1. 4G Network
  2. Internal Node Server JS for localised processing
  3. Internal Postgres Server for localised storage
  4. Built-in APIs RESTful and MQTT support for external integration
  5. Solar-powered

A multi-platform application developed to be accessible via a web browser that displays insights and telemetry on collected data for farmers to view at their own convenience.

Portal & Apps Capabilities:

  • Display gateway health
  • Display sensor details connected to each gateway
  • Display current data for different metrics
  • Display historical data of data collected from metrics
  • Allow farmers to query data based on different factors


Mesh of in-sync sensors working together to automatically read data of different metrics and transmitted to the internet where cloud platforms store and execute business intelligence to provide real-time insights to different stakeholders of farmers. Farmers can get real-time access to analyzed and processed data to make an informed decision anytime anywhere.


  1. Data Collection and Analysis - Superfruits Valley can come back and analyze data in order to make decisions for their future crops.
  2. Fertilizer User Optimisation - Apply the right amount of fertilizer in order to prevent over-usage and save costs.
  3. Resource Conservation - This allows for irrigation optimizations. Not to over-water and reduce fuel costs.
  4. Monitoring anytime-anywhere - Farmers can access sensor data on the go using their phones.
  5. Cost-Efficient - Can easily replicate the setup across different greenhouses due to its low hardware costs.


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