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Operating Licence

Operating Licences are needed to own and operate radiocommunications equipment in Brunei Darussalam. It consists of the following details:

  • the type and the number of radiocommunication equipment;
  • the operating radio frequencies and the bandwidth;
  • the level of radio emission;
  • the site names and locations at which the radiocommunication equipment are installed;
  • the validity period of the licence;

Operating Licences are valid for 1 year. Renewals must be processed within 2 months of its expiry date.

Applicants must apply through the AITI Online Services Portal with complete details and provide any necessary documentation.

AITI will only process complete applications with the required documents. If there is any information missing, AITI Officers will send the application back to the applicant for clarification.

Approval of applications will depend on the frequency to be used as it may require coordination with other countries for frequency coordination and information submitted to AITI. Applicants requiring specific frequencies for the station must also fill in the Frequency tab on AITI Online Services and submit the same together with the network diagram of the system to be used.

If the applicant requires any assistance regarding the application through AITI Online Services, you may contact AITI'S officers at

Operating Licence Categories and Fees


Operating Licences are broken into several categories.

The fees for every category and sub-category can be seen in the tables below.







​Aeronautical Station - Aeronautical Fixed Station

​BND $25.00


Ground station




​Aeronautical Station - Aircraft Station

​BND $25.00


Aircraft Station

Aeronautical Mobile (Ground-to-Air)

Aeronautical Mobile Earth Station

Aeronautical Radar (Aircraft)


Note: Aeronautical stations require acknowledgement from Brunei Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the usage must be in accordance with Annex 10 Volume V Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization.


​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Amateur Radio - General

​BND $25.00


Advanced Class




​Amateur Radio - Restricted

​BND $25.00


Standard Class



​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Broadcasting Station - AM

​BND $100.00






​Broadcasting Station - FM

​BND $100.00






​Broadcasting Station - TV

​BND $100.00






​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Earth Station - Satellite Earth Station

See table below


Satellite Earth Station




​Earth Station - TVRO & ASTRO (Free-to-Air)

​BND $360.00






​Earth Station - Cafe & Restaurant

​BND $500.00


Cafe & Restaurant




​Earth Station - Apartment & Hotel

​BND $1,200.00


Apartment & Hotel




​Earth Station - VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

See table below


Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

Aeronautical VSAT (onboard aircraft)
Maritime VSAT (onboard vessel)




Satellite News Gathering

BND $2,400.00


Satellite system for domestic/international news coverage




Weather Satellite

See table below


Weather Satellite for gathering climate information



For FSS, FSV and FSW Licences, the fees are determined by the size of antenna as follows:

Earth Station Antenna Size:​

Annual Fees

​X ≤ 0.3m

​BND $150.00

​0.3m < X ≤ 0.6m

​BND $300.00

​0.6m < X ≤ 1.2m

​BND $600.00

​1.2m < X ≤ 1.8m

​BND $1,200.00

​Above 1.8m

​BND $2,400.00


Note: all applications for Satellite stations must go through a Licenced Service Provider.


​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Maritime Radio - Coast Station

​BND $25.00


Coast Station




​Maritime Radio - Ships Station

​BND $25.00


Ship Station (including EPIRB, AIS)

Maritime Mobile (within marine band)

Maritime Radar (Onboard vessel)

Maritime Mobile Earth Station


Note: Usage of Maritime stations must be in accordance with Appendix 18 of the ITU Radio Regulations. Applicants are required to submit the License to Operate (LTO) and Merchant Shipping documentation to be attached with the application.


​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Radio Station - Microwave Fixed Station

​BND $25.00


Microwave Station



​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Radio Station - LMES (Land Mobile Earth Station)

BND $25.00


Land Mobile Earth Station




​Aero Model Control

​BND $25.00


High Powered Remote Controller (outside SRD bands)




​Radio Station - Land Mobile

​BND $25.00


Land Mobile (Portable/Handy/Vehicle Based)




​Radio Station - Repeater Station

​BND $100.00


Repeater Station

Amateur Radio Repeater Station




​Radio Station - Based Station

​BND $100.00


Base Station (Cellular/Fixed High Powered Centre Station)


Note: For RST Land Mobile radios, in order to request for frequency from AITI, users must have at least 50 units and Licenced service providers providing trunked radio services have no coverage in the requested area.


​AITI Code

​Type and Category




​Radio Station - Radio Determination

​BND $25.00


Radionavigation radiolocation

Radiodetermination fixed




​Radar Station - Maritime Radar

​BND $25.00


Vessel radar

Coastal radar




​Radar Station - Aeronautical Radar

​BND $2,400.00


Meteorological radar

Aeronautical radar


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