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Registration Guidelines for Mobile Prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Cards

Effective 1 February 2006, all mobile prepaid SIM card owner/holders are mandated to register or re-register with their respective mobile service provider. This requirement also applies to:

  1. Multi-SIM service where customers may have multiple SIM cards under one main account or number; and
  2. Any change in ownership of the SIM cards where the existing SIM card holders must notify their mobile service provider about any change of ownership. The existing owner of the SIM card will therefore de-register and the said SIM card will be registered under the new ownership at the same time.

This prepaid SIM card registration control mechanism is to ensure accurate customer records and provides safeguard to existing subscribers by preventing cards from being fraudulently registered in their names. In addition, the SIM card registration is an ongoing initiative to benefit the general public and encourage responsible use of mobile phones in Brunei Darussalam.

Procedural requirements for registration/re-registration:

Attendance in-person New and existing subscriber(s) must present themselves in person at the time of registration or re-registration.
Documents required for verification

Brunei Citizens

  1.  Valid Yellow identity cards.
  2.  Valid Brunei Military and Police Personnel identity cards.
  3. Brunei Permanent Residents: Valid Purple Identity cards.

Foreign Workers

Valid Green identity card, Original Passport and Employment pass.


Valid Passport from their country of origin.

Local Companies/Firms

  1. Letter of authorisation from the Company or the firm.
  2. Company Form X and notice of situation of registered office.
  3. Sole Proprietor or Partnerships: Form 16 & 17.
Age Eligibility
  1. Minimum 12 years of age with valid national Identity Card.
  2. Those under 12 years old will need a parent or legal guardian to register in their name while the child is listed as the user.
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