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Press Release

Instilling ICT Skills in Communities With ‘Digital for All’ Programme

Friday, March 10, 2023

The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) commenced the Digital for All programme since November 2022. The programme aims to improve capacity development in digital technologies, develop digital skills and technology adoption to increase productivity, and boost Information Communication Technology (ICT) usage in the daily lives of the identified communities.

As of March 2023, about 100 participants have taken part in the programme comprising members of Senior Citizen Activity Centres (PKWE), welfare communities, and Village Consultative Councils (MPK) throughout all four districts.

The programme was conducted with cooperation from Department of Community Development (JAPEM) and District Office, with presentations and practical demonstrations facilitated by Tech One Global.

During the training, participants were exposed to a variety of topics, including Microsoft Office fundamentals, online safety and cybersecurity, basics of E-commerce and helpful mobile applications.

Participants have shared positive feedback for Digital for All, and have been provided with awareness on the significance of being digitally-savvy. They look forward to utilise their new skills to make their daily lives easier and more convenient.

AITI continues to be dedicated in achieving its goal of creating a digital society that is accessible to all. It is hoped that the participants will be able to make the most of the possibilities that are presented to them and become digitally literate citizens so that they are not left behind as the world moves forward.

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