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Cloud Computing Solutions

What does Cloud Computing do?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping you lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change.

Is it right for your business?

Cloud-computing could be good for you if you…

The ability to spin up new cloud computing instances in a matter of seconds

Don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing and maintaining equipment

Need advanced security features that guarantee that data is securely stored and handled

Could easily increase your cloud capacity without having to invest in physical infrastructure

Want to perform back and restore purposes without capacity constrains

Allow for faster recovery from disasters with production instances running on multiple cloud availability zones or regions

Cloud-computing might not be right for you if you…

You require critical data close to your place of operations

You have legacy systems offer little to no flexibility and scalability

What benefits does it offer?

Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of buying hardware and software and setting up and running on-site datacenters—the racks of servers, the round-the-clock electricity for power and cooling, and the IT experts for managing the infrastructure. It adds up fast.

Most cloud computing services are provided self service and on demand, so even vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes, typically with just a few mouse clicks, giving businesses a lot of flexibility and taking the pressure off capacity planning.

On-site datacenters typically require a lot of “racking and stacking”—hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management chores. Cloud computing removes the need for many of these tasks, so IT teams can spend time on achieving more important business goals.

Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity easier and less expensive because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network.

The biggest cloud computing services run on a worldwide network of secure datacenters, which are regularly upgraded to the latest generation of fast and efficient computing hardware. This offers several benefits over a single corporate datacenter, including reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale.

Many cloud providers offer a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen your security posture overall, helping protect your data, apps, and infrastructure from potential threats.

The benefits of cloud computing services include the ability to scale elastically. In cloud speak, that means delivering the right amount of IT resources—for example, more or less computing power, storage, bandwidth—right when they’re needed, and from the right geographic location.

Find and implement the right cloud-computing solutions for your business

We will work closely with our partners and businesses to focus on helping industries and businesses capture the opportunities, unlock the potential of technology, and accelerate digital transformation success

Why go through the hassle of investing your capital and resources in owning and managing your own data centre infrastructure when you can host your business application with us efficiently and securely on our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Our Managed Cloud Hosting Service (IaaS) is built on highly redundant architecture, giving you a reliable service with 99.74% availability in a month.

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Invent with purpose, realize cost savings, and make your organization more efficient with Microsoft Azure's open and flexible cloud computing platform.

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Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Free to join, pay only for what you use.

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Meet your business challenges head on with cloud computing services from Google, including data management, hybrid & multi-cloud, and AI & ML.

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