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AITI’s primary objective in enforcement is to ensure licensees and others comply with the Telecommunications Order, 2001 and AITI’s Licensing and Regulatory Framework.  In the move towards liberalisation, promotion of fair and efficient market conduct and promotion of ICT investment requires effective enforcement to enhance operator and investor confidence in the regulatory regime. 
It is critical that AITI is able to effectively enforce the rules and regulations contained in the Telecommunications Order, 2001, the Framework and associated legislation or codes of practice.  Without the legal and administrative ability to enforce these rules and regulations, they will be ignored and AITI will lose its effectiveness as regulator. 

Section 18, AITI Order, 2001 provides for AITI’s powers of enforcement in addition to those conferred by the Telecommunications Order, 2001. 

Sections 8, 27, 37, 38, 62, 63, 64 and 67 of the Telecommunications Order, 2001 provide for AITI’s powers of enforcement.  Some of these powers may only be exercised by a police officer.