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SeTi Licences

SeTi Licences
A SeTi licence is required by a person who leases telecommunication facilities from an InTi Licensee to provide its own telecommunication services, or to resell the services of the InTi Licensee to third parties such as consumers and corporate customers. A SeTi does not own its own infrastructure such as telecommunication system, network, facilities and equipment (except for CPE) outside of its own premises. Howeverm a SeTi may own infrastructure within itws own premises and provide telecommunication services to third parties within its premises.
· Public Mobile Telecommunication Service
· Public Non-Fixed Telecommunication Service
· Public Fixed Telecommunication Service
· Resale of Telecommunication Service
· Internet Access Service
· Bandwidth Exchange Service
· Private Network Service
· Public Payphone Service
· Prepaid Telecommunication Service
· Value-Added Service
Application fee is B$ 5,000 per licensable activity.
The periodic license fee is 1.5% of the periodic gross turnover of the licensee subject to a minimum of B$ 5,000 per year.

NOTE: AITI have made this licensee list and will continue to make every effort to keep this list updated. However, there may be some changes from time to time. Please contact AITI at for the updated information regarding on the licences issued.