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To achieve an efficient and prudent network, technical standards and quality of services (QoS) parameters need to be adhere to, during the planning and implementation stage of a project. With reference to international standards and best practices, the Infrastructure Deployment unit of NB group, monitors and perform network audit to ensure conformity and quality assurance.
·         To review and verify the infrastructure network design and link loss conformity to the standards and specifications.
·         To perform sampling testing on the infrastructure for auditing, acceptance and qualifying of the network.
·         To define and review the standards and specifications for the equipment, components and the audit testing requirement of the infrastructure deployment.
·         To verify the infrastructure components and products compliancy.
·         To assist in preparing the code of practices, standards and guidelines to facilitate infrastructure deployment
Key Milestone
-          Development of technical standards and QoS parameters.

-          Development of audit and testing processes for network auditing.

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