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Forum & Workshop


ASEAN CIO Forum was an initiative driven by ASEAN since 2012 in Thailand, Bangkok. Its aim was to promote innovation and collaboration amongst government, businesses, citizens and other institutions. With these thrust/initiatives, the following objective was formulated:- 
·   continue to develop a platform to promote the sharing of best practices and collaboration amongst CIOs across ASEAN
·   provide opportunity for networking and relationship building amongst ICT player in ASEAN
·   eventually to synergize and establish an ASEAN CIO Association
This event is a 2-days forum for all the ASEAN CIOs from both Government sector and private sector in order for them to have a platform to promote sharing of best practices and to establish meaningful collaboration. It will be a great platform for opportunity amongst business networking and relationship building amongst ICT players in ASEAN. 

This will be the 2nd time that this ASEAN CIO Forum being carried out and on the 2nd day event, ASEAN team will have a roundtable to determined hot issues and the potential new venue for 2014. This will be a annual affair in continuation to promote ASEAN Open 2015 through the establishment of ASEAN CIO Association with initial financial support from ASEAN Telsom and its results will be documented and shared in the ASEAN website.

Based on appointment from AITI-Brunei, Indonesia Ministry of Information and Communication (MICT as Telsom Leader), the forum will be co-hosted by Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and MICT Indonesia. Co supported by Mastel (Indonesia Telecommunication Society), ATSI (Indonesia Cellular Association), CIO Academy of Institute of Technology Bandung, CIO16 Association of Thailand (2012 host in BKK) and Cloud Security Alliance APAC.


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