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Exhibitions and Competitions

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Exhibitions and Competitions



AITI participates annually in different local and overseas ICT related exhibitions. Local exhibitions allow AITI to inform and update the public and its stakeholders of the functions and activities that AITI is working on annually.
Through overseas exhibhition, AITI promotes our local ICT companies overseas and allowing them to showcase their products and acquire any potential business partnerships with international companies. These overseas exhibitions will also expose the local ICT companies to the new ICT products and trends that are available internationally.


AITI is organizing various competitions annually for the ICT companies and education institutions as to allow the software developers tocompete with each other under different categories. This activity will encourage enthusiasts and developers to become creative and innovative with new ideas. Hopefully they are looking out for new trends in technology and apply them in their products development. These competition will allow them to benchmark their work with peers in the local and regional industry so that they can continuously improve the products. BICTA is a local national competition whereas APICTA AND AICTA are international competitions.
The winners of the national competition are entered to compete in international competitions and allowing them to have international recognition. These competitions are held in line with AITI’s mission, ‘To represent the country at international fora in order to keep pace of international changes and development.’