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Cyber Security

Cyber Security
Cyberspace (internet) has become a powerful platform that has changed the way we do business and the way we communicate. Data as well as users are to be protected in this platform.
The agenda under Cyber security consists of Combating cybercrimes, Enhancing cyber-security and Protecting the likes of intellectual property rights, digital identities, personal data and the privacy of individuals online. And Malicious attacks.
Another agenda which is of similar capacity is the Child Protection. This is the protection of our children in cyberspace to provide them with a safe environment for education and enhancement of their creativity. The works consists of: Global effort in protecting children in cyberspace (internet); Providing a safer and more secure internet environment for children and to take measures to prevent the use of cyberspace (internet) which leads to child abuse, cyber bullying and child trafficking; Enabling the apprehension of perpetrators who seek to use cyberspace (internet) to exploit children and to close off the avenues used by perpetrators; Preventing the exposure of children to inappropriate material in cyberspace (internet); And sharing the experiences and best practice techniques in combating child exploitation.
1. Introduction to Cyber Security
2. Safe Browsing
3. The good side and the Bad Side of Social Networking
4. Protecting yourself from Malware
5. Phishing
6. Hacking
7. Cracking
8. Parental control in Windows
9. Microsoft free security solutions for users
10. Case studies (real incidents)