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‚ÄčAuthentication is one of the most important key factors in ensuring data protection through its confidentiality and integrity. It uses technology on cryptography and digital signatures. Which is comply with international standards. Moreover, it must recognizes the importance of interoperability between all Certificate Authorities (CA), locally and globally.
Our aim is to develop an effective National e-Authentication Framework that consists of an architecture, technical parameters, related policies, standards and business models for Brunei Darussalam in particular. That also includes the electronic authentication principles, methodologies and technologies, policies, procedures, and framework for a secured electronic transactions in e-Business and e-Citizen development. And through study and review of international best practices and implementations for electronic authentication for adoption in Brunei Darussalam.
Finally, to implement the roll-out of electronic authentication infrastructure and system based on the framework, architecture and main technical specification of authentication service components.