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National ICT Infrastructure

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National ICT Infrastructure


“The provision of the ICT infrastructure and bridging the digital divide is the main agenda to establish knowledgeable society” exert from HM speech during the launching of NASIS, 7 September 2005.
ICT has played major roles in our daily lives today, no exception to Brunei. The sophistication of ICT leads to increased convenience and improved quality of services. Particularly through the internet aka cyber space. This will see through our e-Business development and socio-economic development.
The provision of these ICT Infrastructure has made these possible. However, it need to be secured to protect the users, the data and the investments. As web usage increases, so too does criminal activities. Activities includes infiltrate PCs and mine confidential data, track business transactions, or host illicit web pages and malicious codes on servers or PCs undetected. These cyber criminals will not spare us from harming, damaging or disrupting us or our online services.
Therefore, it is our responsibility for the planning, managing and facilitating the development of a secured national ICT Infrastructure. The three main areas to be addressed are Authentication, Information Security and Cyber Security.