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Grant Application

Grant Application


Applicants must provide all information required in the application form together with a project proposal and a product or solution business plan setting out the following :-


1.    Company Profile
2.    Full product proposal 
      2.1 Description of Brunei-Made element
3.    Current business environment
4.    SWOT analysis
5.    Business and Marketing Strategy 
      5.1 Business Strategy 
      5.2 Market Analysis
      5.3 Product Positioning
      5.4 Pricing Positioning
      5.5 Advertising and Promotion
      5.6 Target Market
      5.7 Distribution Channels
      5.8 Product Roadmaps
6.    Operations & Maintenance Plans (Technical Plans)
      6.1 Network structure
      6.2 ISP Provider
      6.3 Project Manager & Technical Support (Qualification & Past Experiences)
      6.4 Project Management Methodology to be used in terms of managing product risk
7.    Human Resource Plans
      7.1 Organization Chart (Project team members and roles)
      7.2 Human Resources Planning
      7.3 Transfer of Knowledge to Locals Planning
8.    Risk Analysis (Technical Risks, Non-Technical Risks)
9.    Implementation Schedule and Project Milestones
10. Financial Analysis
      10.1 Revenue Projections
      10.2 Profit and Loss Projections 
      10.3 Cash Flow Forecast
11. Conclusions and Recommendations