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As part of its Market Creation programme to promote Brunei-made ICT products, Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) has embarked on a pilot programme for the development of RFID applications by local ICT Companies. The pilot programme showcases several RFID applications and solutions which are made available in the AITI SMART Gallery which is located in AITI Office, Block B13, Kampung Anggerek Desa. The word S.M.A.R.T is an acronym for Secure, Mobile, Advanced, and Reliable Technology.
The AITI SMART Gallery, which was initiated in 2010 and completed in early April 2011, showcases prototypes of advanced and future technologies. This serves as a mini showcase for the state-of-the-art technologies with potential in Brunei' market.
The Gallery aims for RFID technology to be exhibited to increase public awareness and to see how RFID can help improve customer service and supply chain efficiency, increase productivity and strengthen security. The gallery would also enable visitors and potential users to find innovative solutions of RFID and serves as a platform for proof of concept, as well as transfer of knowledge and know-how for the industry, which will allow the local ICT industry to further explore possibilities in adopting RFID in their own environment. From this, AITI would be able to create the local needs and demand for RFID applications and solutions, and thereon stimulate further development and innovation of Brunei-made products.
Solutions in SMART Gallery
AITI SMART Gallery is a collection of practical application case studies showcased in a hi-tech showcase gallery which includes RFID Technology solutions such as:
·         Visitor registration
·         Point of Sales (POS)
·         Vehicle tracking
·         Document tracking
·         Logistics/Assets/Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
Visitor Registration
The Visitor Registration showcase will demonstrate People Tracking using RFID by utilising the visitor’s Brunei Identity Card (IC) and associating the key information from the IC onto a RFID Badge. The badge will then be used as a security and payment tool in the following showcase. Leveraging on RFID for personal tracking and payment e-wallet is fast becoming a widely used standard in many industries.
Point of Sales (POS)
The Point of Sales showcase will demonstrate the use of RFID in the retail sector by showcasing Smart Shelves, Price Check counter and Point of Sales counter. Within the Smart Shelf, RFID is utilised to provide inventory visibility for on and while it is being removed from the shelf. At the price check counter, not only the price information is retrieved from the product, but the entire product information will be displayed.
At the checkout counter, items are scanned swiftly in bulk rather than item by item and a RFID payment card is used to make the payment. Once payment is done at the checkout counter, the items will pass through an RFID security exit that will validate the items being taken out to ensure that all items have been paid and accounted for.
Vehicle Tracking
The Vehicle tracking application utilises Passive RFID tags integrated with checkpoints to gather vehicle movement and timestamps within the AITI premises. The ability to track the vehicles provides added security management to a premise in being able to track and trace the movement of vehicles in and out of the given boundaries.
Other applications of vehicle tracking and traceability involves government enforcement agencies (i.e. Police force, Border patrol) where it is leveraged for authentication, enforcement and tracking purposes on a regular and at ad-hoc via usage of a Mobile handheld RFID unit.
Document Tracking
The Document Tracking showcase will demonstrate tracking and traceability integrated with document approval routing by using Passive RFID tags in document tracking management.
RFID allows traceability and approval process accountability. At each stage from submission along the document approval route, the document is tracked logging into how much time is spent at each approval process. Key benefits of document tracking includes reduction of misplace documents, increase in security for sensitive equipment and improvement in approval timing.
Logistics/Assets/Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
The Logistics showcase will utilise both Active and Passive RFID tags for tracking and traceability of items. RFID portals will act as a security junction at which products moving through the portal are verified against a shipping manifest to ensure that the items leaving through the portal are outbound if not a security alarm will be raised.
Active RFID technology in logistics/supply chain is leveraged to provide real-time asset locating. As assets (e.g. laptops, printers) flow through the premise, it is tracked and accounted for. If they are moved from restricted area/zones an alarm will be triggered.