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RFID/NFC Training & Seminar

RFID/NFC Training & Seminar
AITI conducts seminars and training programmes on RFID/NFC yearly as part of our initiative to promote usage of RFID technology in Brunei Darussalam. The purpose of these seminars and trainings is to create more awareness about the technology to the general public and to local government and other private agencies on how RFID technology can be adopted to improve their productivity and efficiency of daily operations through easy and fast tracking by utilising this RFID technology.
The first RFID Seminar was held on 26th April 2011 with the theme “Putting RFID to work”. AITI invited expert speakers both locally and internationally to conduct talks in the seminar and the targeted audience for the seminar was local government officials and private agencies.
In addition to this, AITI also holds RFID training programmes for schools and government officers in the AITI Mini RFID Lab. Some of the training courses provided by AITI are:
·         RFID Infrastructure
·         UHF Readers Overview
·         HF Readers Overview
·         Leveraging on a VSWR meter to ensure RF circuit integrity
·         Leveraging on a PATERNACK device to measure Tag Attenuation Factor
·         Leveraging on Digital Multimeter for I/O Testing
·         Leveraging on Network Tester for Network Performance
·         RFID Application Development
·         Interactive RFID Application Development
·         Developing RFID Handheld Application