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RFID Halal food traceability pilot project

RFID Halal food traceability pilot project
AITI has initiated a pilot project on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Halal Food Traceability System for the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei Darussalam (MORA), with the imprint that it is a Brunei-Made RFID application and solution, as part of AITI’s initiative towards developing a Brunei Made RFID solution in the ICT industry. This pilot project is aimed at establishing Brunei's Halal Authenticity and Traceability system by providing a Brunei Halal Authentication system which can be attached to the Brunei Halal logo. In terms of traceability, it aims towards providing the work flow of the food supply processes from the farm to retail supermarket using RFID technology application.
To provide a comprehensive information infrastructure to support Brunei Halal operations and brand’
RFID in Halal Food Industry in Brunei
The system will involve key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Religious Affairs, abattoirs, food processors, retailers and even consumers. RFID technologies will act as the identification tool of product from raw materials to the finished product. The identification system will be tied to a series of Halal Information Systems to provide the complete genealogy of the product.
The entire Brunei Halal Ecosystem will consist of the following components for End to End Visibility:
a)      Brunei Halal Registry
b)      Brunei Halal EPC Tracking System
c)      Brunei Halal Authentication System
d)      E-Halal Web Portal
The RFID Halal Food Traceability Pilot Project is in the final phase and is expected to be launched early 2013.