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E-business & Market Creation

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E-business & Market Creation
As part of AITI’s objective to develop the local ICT industry sector, several initiatives have been identified under E-Business and Market Creation Unit, such as the promotion of RFID technology and NFC usage in Brunei Darussalam and the Market Creation program to assist local ICT businesses to market their Brunei-made ICT products.
The objectives of the E-Business and Market Creation Unit are:
·         To encourage R&D activities by local businesses and academic institutions in Brunei Darussalam to produce Brunei-made RFID applications and solutions.
·         To assist the local ICT SMEs to obtain the market or users for their ICT products and services they have designed, developed and produced.
Project milestones

  • RFID Program
  • AITI SMART Gallery Showcase
  • AITI Mini RFID Lab
  • RFID/NFC Training & Seminar
  • RFID Halal Food Traceability Pilot Project
  • Market Creation
  • Digital Pasang Game
  • AskRobin
  • Road Safety Interactive E-Book
  • ICT Rural Outreach Program (iROP)