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ICT Industry Development

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ICT Industry Development



Roles & Responsibilities
·         Industry development of the ICT industry sector.
·         Developing policies, strategies, schemes and programs to help develop local ICT companies.
·         Facilitate programs for Human Capacity development in ICT.
·         Facilitate the development of a safe and secured national ICT infrastructure.
·         Conduct continuous regular consultation with the industry.
·         Conduct awareness and promotion on ICT programs.
·         Facilitate Business Matching.
·         Serves as Secretariat to BIT Council.
Creation of a growing, vibrant and sustainable local ICT industry contributing to a successful diversification of economy from heavy reliance on oil and gas.
·         To create well established local ICT Companies owned by Brunei citizens.
·         Having successfully developed their own ICT product for export to the regional market.
·         Able to bring revenue into Brunei.
·         Stability: provide local employment and offer attractive long-term ICT professional careers.
Achievements to date


·         AITI Grant Scheme: 8 recipients with overall award of $1.2 million
·         AAB Status: Over 100 businesses awarded
·         ICTAB: 61 businesses awarded
·         ICT Competency Program: More than 1,060 participants trained & certified
·         RFID Program: Basic training, Showcase Gallery & Mini Lab
·         iROP: Setting up of ICT Community Centre and training of more than 60 participants
·     Market Creation: Award of Market Creation Fund to 3 local businesses