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Equipment Type Approval & Importation

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Equipment Type Approval & Importation


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1. Which equipments require type approval from AITI?

AITI type approves telecommunication, radiocommunication and satellite equipments to be sold and used in Brunei Darussalam.

There are 2 categories for type approval certification:
• Personal Type Approval – for  personal uses only
• Dealer Type Approval – for the supply, sale, or resale of equipment
Dealer Type Approval certificates are valid for a period of five (5) years. Personal Type Approval certificates have no validity.

2. What documents are required for type approval (certification)?

The documents required are the following:

• Brochures of the product/equipment
• Technical specifications
• Photos of the equipment
• Valid test report from a recognised test lab*
• Certificate of Conformity or Similarity *
• A copy of Type Approval Certificate from overseas’ regulator*

*If applicable

3. How long does it take to process an application for a type approval (certification)?

For Level 1, it will only take one (1) day. While for Level 2 and 3, the type approval process takes approximately seven (7) working days upon complete submission of required documents.

4. How do I apply for a Dealer Type Approval and who should the Type Approval applications be addressed to?

Dealer Type Approvals can be applied for at the following address:
Customer Services Counter,
AITI Block B13, Spg 32-5,
Kg Anggerek Desa, Jalan Berakas, 
Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Alternatively, the forms together with the procedure can be  downloaded from our website at the following:



5. Is it necessary to have a Dealer’s Licence before applying for a Type Approval?
Yes, before a dealer type approval can be process a dealer licence must first be obtained. A dealer who acquires this license will not necessarily apply for a Dealer’s Type Approval. A dealer’s licence is not required prior to applying for a Personal Type Approval.
6. Where should enquiries on Type Approval be addressed to?

Enquiries can be directed to the following:
• Telephone: 2323232 ext 1100, 1164, or 1285; 
• Fax: 2381273; or
• Email:

7. Is it necessary to inform AITI on any changes to an approved equipment?
Yes, it is necessary regardless of any minor changes done that might not effect previous declaration/result/certificate.
8. What is the process for renewing Type Approval certificates? What documents are required?
All Type Approval certificates are renewable every 5 years.
For level 2 and 3 equipment, no documents are required but an applicant must fill in a new application form. Renewals must be done at least 2 months prior to the expiry date of the Type Approval certificate, if this is not done, applicants must now submit as a new application. However for level 1 equipment registration certificate, the applicant would be required to fill and submit as a new application.
9. Can a Dealer Type Approval be issued to a representative/reseller in Brunei Darussalam?
Yes, as long as the representative/reseller holds a valid AITI Dealer licence.
10. Does the Dealer Type Approval applicant require to apply for a SeTi/InTi licence prior to applying for type approval for a dealer?
No, a SeTi/InTi licence is not required when applying for dealer type approval.
11. Do I require an Import Permit for importation of:
• Used Mobile Phone or refurbished – Yes
• Mobile phone more than 2 years old – Yes
• Broken phones (for spare parts only) – Depends. This will be checked by AITI and if the phone is working, the type approval & personal import permit is required.
• Mobile phone sent as gift – Yes
• Mp4/Mp3 player – No. However, the ones integrated with wireless connectivity will require both type approval & import permit.
12. How much does the certification cost for the radio type approval (certification)?

It depends on what category the equipment is. Please refer to the fee table in the AITI website at the following:

13. Do WIFI routers, safety and Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) equipment require type approval from AITI?
Yes, WIFI routers require type approval because it is categorized under radio-communications equipment whereas safety and EMC equipment are part of the requirements to be met before it can be approved.
14. Are overseas manufacturers allowed to possess the Type Approval certificate?
No, overseas manufacturers are not allowed to possess a type-approval certificate. However their equipment can be type approved registered brand/model under a local dealer/representative.
15. Are computer desktops and laptops required to be type-approved?

Computer desktops are not required for type approval, but their devices such as built-in modem, bluetooth and wifi are required to be type approved.

Laptops require type approval because they have wireless features and are categorized under radio-communications and telecommunications equipment.

16. Is the submission of an equipment sample necessary for a type approval application?
A submission of a sample is not a necessary however it will normally be depend on a case by case basis.
17. What are the requirements foreign companies must fulfill when importing equipments into Brunei for demonstration purposes?
They are required to submit, in writing, the itemized list of equipments to be imported, together with the relevant supporting government or agencies letterhead for confirmation of the mentioned demonstration.