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Dealer License

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Dealer License


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1. Who should apply for dealer licences and how many types are there?

Any local company or organization that imports, supplies, sells and resells telecommunication, radiocommunication and satellite equipment must apply for a dealer’s licence.
Foreign companies are also required to apply for a dealer’s licence. However, prior to applying for a dealer’s licence, the foreign company must be a partner to a local company or a joint venture with a local company.

There are 3 types of dealer’s licences:
• Dealer Telecommunication Equipment (DTQ)
• Dealer Radiocommunication Equipment (DRQ)
• Dealer Satellite Equipment (DSQ)

2. How does a company/organisation apply for a dealer’s licence?

Applicants can apply for a dealer’s licence by filling in the form which can be downloaded from the AITI website at the following:

Alternatively, forms are also available at:

Customer Services Counter,
AITI Block B13, Spg 32-5,
Kg Anggerek Desa, Jalan Berakas,
Bandar Seri Begawan BB3713.
Negara Brunei Darussalam

Additionally, applicants are also required to  submit a copy of :
• Company’s ‘Miscellaneous License class 16 & 17’ which can be applied for at The Registrar of Companies,
• Attorney General Chambers (for Sole proprietorship or Partnership) or
• Section 17 of Registration / Memorandum of Association (for Pte. Ltd.).
• Notice of Situation of Registered Office (for Sdn. Bhd.)
• A copy of the Company’s owner’s identity card must also be submitted together with the application form and the documents abovementioned.

3. How long will the application process take?

The length of the process is dependent on the type of dealer’s licence which is being applied for:

• Applications for a DTQ licence will be processed within 5 working days.*
• Applications for a DRQ licence will be processed within 30 working days*
• Applications for a DSQ licence, will be processed within 60 working days subject to all necessary approvals received from Broadcasting Unit, Ministry of Communications.

Before any approval is granted, AITI will conduct a site inspection of the applicant’s office/shop to ensure the applicant has met the requirements such as mounting shop label, technicians, etc. Approval shall be granted once every requirement is met.

*The above mentioned licences will be processed upon a satisfactory site inspection.

4. What is the validity of this licence?
A dealer’s licence is valid for a period of one (1) year.