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Subscriber Registration Guidelines for Prepaid SIM cards for cellular mobile services
* Guidelines for registration of new prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards
- It ensures accurate customer records and provides safeguard to existing subscribers by preventing cards from being fraudulently registered in their names.
- This shall apply to multi-SIM service where customers may have multiple SIM cards under one bill and one number.
* Guidelines for re-registration of existing SIM cards
- In case of change in ownership of the prepaid SIM cards, it is compulsory for the existing prepaid SIM card holder to inform the mobile service provider about any change of ownership.
- The existing owner of the prepaid SIM card will therefore de-register and the said prepaid SIM card will be registered under the new ownership at the same time.
* Procedural requirements for Registration / Re-registration
Attendance in-person
New and existing customer(s) should approach the concerned Cellular Mobile service provider in-person
Documents required for verification
Brunei Citizens:
Valid Yellow identity cards
Valid Brunei Military and Police Personnel identity cards
Brunei Permanent Residents:
Valid Purple identity cards
Foreign Workers:
Valid Green identity card, Original Passport from their country of origin and Employment pass.
Foreign Visitors / Tourists:
Valid Passport from their country of origin.
Local companies / firms:
i. Letter of authorization from the Company or the firm.
ii. Company Form X and notice of situation of registered
iii. Sole Proprietor or Partnerships: Forms 16 & 17
Age Eligibility
- Minimum 12 years of age.
- Those under 12 years old will need a parent or legal guardian to procure a prepaid SIM cards for their use.
- The subscriber account will be registered in the parent or legal guardian’s name and the child will be registered as the use.
Other Information
The counter staff will take copies of:
· Identity card (for all applicants except foreign visitors / tourists);
· Passport Cover (for foreign workers and visitors / tourists);
· ID page of passport (for foreign workers and visitors / tourists); and
· Employment pass in the passport (for foreign workers only)
Q 1. What if someone fraudulently uses my name to buy prepaid SIM cards?
Q 2. Will I be liable if my particulars have been fraudulently used for registration
Answer: If a person discovers that his or her particulars have been used without his or her permission, he or she should lodge a police report for the matter to be investigated.
Answer: If police investigations show that a prepaid SIM card, which was used to commit a crime, was fraudulently registered against a person's particulars, that person would not be liable.
1. The compilation of the information is meant for general information to consumers.
2. It may be updated without any prior notice.
3. For any discrepancy and suggestions, kindly inform AITI on
4. Consumers are advised to contact the respective licensees regarding subscriptions offers.