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Standard timeline for Consumer Services

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Standard timeline for Consumer Services
Prescribed time
Activation or Installation
- Maximum 1 working day for activation of wireless/fixed services.
- Maximum 30 working days for installation works to reach customer premises
If service cannot be readily provided at any location, the applicant customer should be informed within 07 days since the day of accepted application.
Processing Service requests from existing customers
- 02 working days for 90% cases after the request(s) have been accepted
- Maximum 03 working days for 100% cases after the request(s) have been accepted
Curative Maintenance-
Faults, Repair & restoration
- 01 working day for main connectivity, leased and
Managed-IP lines
- 03 working days to complete 70% of the reported cases
- Maximum of 07 working days to complete 100% of the reported cases
Notice to existing customers regarding service outages
- 07 days in advance for any scheduled outage
- Within the same day for unscheduled outage
Notice to existing customers regarding change in terms & conditions of the subscribed services
- One month advance notice to be provided
- Pre-committed subscriptions (tenure plans, prepaid packages etc.) may not change during the committed period without seeking customer consent.
Maximum tenure period
- 24 months for one-time tenured subscription
Pro-rata billing adjustments
due to outage
- In a case where subscribed service is not available for at least 07 continuous days
- To be auto-adjusted in the subsequent billing cycle
- Equivalent for prepaid users
This adjustment shall be made without seeking any request from customer(s).
This provision does not apply during force majeure conditions and may not apply for defaulting customers.
Itemised billing information
- Within 07 days of accepted request from a customer
A customer may make a request for the information pertaining to last 90 days.