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Expat Permit Process for ICT Industry

Expat Permit Process for ICT Industry

The Expat Permit Process for ICT Industry is part of the Local Business Development (LBD) initiatives to ensure local content in ICT Sector.

Objectives of the Expat Permit Process:

  • Maximize local employment opportunities in ICT Sector.
  • Ensure companies are in compliance to LBD Policy Framework for ICT Industry.

The Expat Permit Process was previously handled by the Ministry of Energy, Manpower and Industry (MEMI) and has been transferred to AITI as of 1st January 2020.

It is recommended to submit at least one (1) month before the arrival of the expat(s) or expiry of permit (for renewals).

Application can be submitted to AITI during office hours or via email at

Types of Expat Permit Applications

1.       Professional Visit Visa (PVV)

  • Only for visiting purposes and does not involve hands on work e.g. consultants, trainers, workshop, seminar, forum, expo etc.
  • Short term: Maximum 3 months
  • Approval time: 3 working days (upon submission of completed documents)

 2.       Special Authorisation Work Pass (SAWP)

  • Involves service of contract and technical work
  • Medium term: Maximum 12 months
  • Approval time: 3 working days (upon submission of completed documents)

 3.       Foreign Worker License (LPA)

  • For hiring foreign workers as permanent employees of the company
  • Long term: Maximum 24 months
  • Approval time: 5 working days (upon submission of completed documents)

Expat Permit Application Downloadables

1.       Professional Visit Visa (PVV)

 2.       Special Authorisation Work Pass (SAWP)

 3.       Foreign Worker License (LPA)

Criteria for Expat Permit Process Applications

# Criteria PVV SAWP LPA
1 Maximum duration of visit/pass Three (3) months Twelve (12) months Two (2) years
2 Information updates in Business Reporting (BR) Required Required Required
3 Brief description of business Required Required Required
4 Job description, roles and responsibilities of the Expat Required Required Required
5 Projects the Expat will be involved in


Note: Only for non-technical work & no hands-on activities (e.g. consultants, speakers, meetings)

Required Required
6 Other information required - -

·         Justification for application
(e.g. new contract, new project)

·         Details of current contracts

·         LBD plan, succession planning & training planning

·         Efforts in hiring local, e.g. newspaper advert, Job Centre Brunei

7 Other required documents - Support letter from Client (using company letterhead) Clearance letter from Job Centre Brunei