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Quality of Service


For the current dynamic national economy which aims to achieve the status of sophisticated knowledge-based society, Quality of Service framework targets to ensure the quality delivery of voice, messaging and broadband services by complying to minimal standards as adopted from time to time. Availability, Reliability and Consumer Servicing are the core pillars of aspired quality in the regulatory environment which is essentially responsive to Consumers in era of Convergence and Competition.

AITI have publish “The Quality of Service Code of Practice And Standards Of Performance Relating To Quality Of Services For Telecommunications Sector in Brunei Darussalam (QoS Code)” which was introduced on 1 March 2014 and aims to ensure the delivery of good and acceptable quality telecommunications services for all users.  The QoS Code sets minimum quality standards for telecommunications services and allows local telecommunications providers to provide services at standards higher than that prescribed.

AITI monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) in telecommunication services provided by telecommunication operator ensuring the operator follows the standard set in the QoS Code which requires them to submit quarterly report of their service quality. 

AITI regularly reviews the QoS standard taking account  changes in technology , industry and consumer demand , ensuring that the standard remain relevant.


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