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Personal Importation

i. Personal Type Approval and Import Permit​


Type Approval is a certification issued by AITI to make sure that any telecommunications and radiocommunications equipment meets the national safety standards and technical requirement in Brunei Darussalam.

Any interests in applying Type Approval should refer to AITI's technical specification requirement that can be found here.

This certification is proof that the telecommunication and radiocommunication equipment has been registered with AITI and can be used, sold and distributed safely in Brunei Darussalam.

There are currently two (2) categories of Type Approval:

  1. Personal Type Approval - Importation of equipment for own use. This Type Approval apply to individuals, sole proprietorship, partnerships and companies. 

  2. Dealer Type Approval - Importation of equipment for resale. Applicants must hold a valid Dealer Licence issued by AITI. Dealer Licence holders must apply for Dealer Type Approval before importation of the equipment. Applications are based on the model of the equipment to be imported [link].

Personal Type Approval Application Process

All applications must be made through AITI Online Services

Applicants must attach and upload the following technical documents with their online applications: 

  1. Details of equipment (such as brand, model and quantity);

  2. Technical specification/Brochure of equipment; and

  3. Notice of Seizure issued by the Royal Brunei Custom and Excise Department, or the shipping detail or Airway Bill.

All complete Personal Type Approval applications submitted that complies with AITI’s Technical Specification will be processed within two (2) working days.

AITI’s Technical Specification can be found here.

Personal Type Approval Fees

Fees will be calculated based on the number of equipment imported.

The first two (2) units are exempted from these fees i.e. free. However, the subsequent units (i.e third unit and above) will be charged at BND50.00 each.

Payments can be made through the AITI Online Services (Credit Card or Debit Card) or at AITI’s Counter Services. Our counter operating hours are:

​Office Hours
​Monday - Thursday
​​8.15am - 11.45 am and 1.30pm - 3.45pm
​8.15am - 11.30am and 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Counter closes during Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

ii. Personal Import Permit


Import permits are permits issued by AITI for any individuals or vendors who plans to import (bring in) telecommunications and/or radiocommunications equipment into Brunei Darussalam.

AITI issues the following types of Import Permits:

Type of Import Permits issued Definition
Dealer Import Permit This permit is issued to Dealer Licence holders who have also obtained Dealer Type Approval of the equipment [Link to webpageDealer Licence and webpage Dealer Import Permit]
Personal Importation This permit is issued together with Personal Type Approval certificate for individual importation of equipment [Link to webpage Personal Importation]
Implicit Import Permit

This permit is issued when Type Approval is not required. Such cases include: 

  1. the equipment identified is not categorized under telecomunication or radiocommunication; and
  2. the telecommunication or radiocommunication equipment does not need Type Approval.
Demo/Trial Import Permit This permit is issued when the equipment will only be used for trial purpose and will be re-exported after the completion of the trial.


All Personal Import Permit Applications must be made through the AITI Online Services.  

Applicants must attach and upload the following document with their online applications: 

  1. Detention Receipt or Notice of Seizure issued by Royal Brunei Customs & Excise Department (RCED) or Shipping Detail or Airway Bill

Complete Import Permit will be processed within two (2) working days upon the submission.

Each Import Permit is valid for only two (2) weeks from the date of issue. Import Permits cannot be extended and when lapsed, the applicant must submit a new Import Permit application online. 

Personal Import Permit Fees

Personal Import Permit fees are only applicable to certain types of equipment as indicated below:

Equipment subject to fees 
(BND20.00 per unit imported)
Exempted equipment
  1. Amateur Radio
  2. Marine Radio
  3. Satellite Phone/Phonecall
  4. Kristal Astro
  5. Satellite Receiver
  6. Telex
  7. Walkie Talkie
  8. Security System with Telephone
  9. Security System
  10. Base Station
  11. Temporary Equipment
  12. Remote Control Transmitter
  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Cordless Telephone System
  3. Key Telephone System
  4. PABX
  5. Fax with Handset
  6. Fax with Cordless Set
  7. Fax
  8. Modem
  9. Video Conferencing System
  10. Audio Conferencing System
  11. Mutifeature Phone
  12. Pager
  13. Caller ID
  14. Standard Telephone
  15. Telephone Answering System
  16. Short Range Device (SRDs) [link]
  17. Receiving & Transmitting Antenna


For non-exempted equipment, the Personal Import Permit Fee is charged BND20.00 per unit imported.