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Infrastructure Provider for the Telecommunication Industry (InTi) Licence



Any deployment of telecommunication infrastructure or system, network, facilities and equipment (other than Customer Premise Equipment or 'CPE') inside and outside of its own premises to enable telecommunication services to be offered to third party customers or end users (i.e. public, businesses, etc.) requires this licence. 

Such telecommunication infrastructure may comprise of: 

  • Fixed communication systems (i.e. switches, optical fibres, cable ducts, submarine cables, frontier stations, international cables, satellite gateways, etc); and
  • Mobile communications systems (i.e. base stations and mobile switching centres that offer public mobile phone, paging, trunked radio, or other mobile data services).

A person may be granted an InTi Licence to provide one or more of the following infrastructure licence class:

  • Mobile Telecommunication Infrastructure;
  • Non-Fixed Telecommunication Infrastructure;
  • Fixed-Wired Telecommunication Infrastructure;
  • Fixed-Wireless Telecommunication Infrastructure; and
  • Public Broadcasting Infrastructure.

Effective 24 January 2020, the InTi annual licence fee has been revised to 4.65% of Annual Gross Turnover (AGTO) subject to a minimum of BND100,000.00.





List of InTi Licensees