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Hobbist Development Program


Hobbyist development program is to encourage a strong community of ICT enthusiasts in different fields, eg: coding, gaming and software application. This initiative proposes to have a different area of interest every year. In 2017, the program targets to develop the knowledge on Coding. The target audiences are students and teachers from the Secondary School level. The hobbyist development program consists of development workshops and a competition which the participants create an application using the skills they learnt from the workshops.

For 2017 the program conducted;

Design Thinking Workshop – Design thinking is a methodology of developing a successful product that could be potential be commercialised. This workshop teaches the participants who are students from secondary school the methods of creating applications that will solve problems in demand  by society.

Coding Masterclass Workshop – Teach programming language to a level where participants are able to create applications.

Final Presentation – Participants are divided into groups and they present to a panel of judges.


Design Thinking Workshop – 7th to 19th August 2017
Coding Masterclass Workshop – 21th August to 8th September 2017
Final Presentation – 11th October 2017
Prize presentation – 16th October 2017

The outcome of the program is that the participants are expected to learn the fundamentals of programming. The program is a platform that could show that students are able to learn coding and that coding should be considered to be incorporated in the secondary educational syllabus.