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With the rise in use of social media applications and messaging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and Snapchat, we are bound to stumble across content that is inappropriate or offensive. Most users would simply ignore or spread information or images that are unverified or possibly untrue. However, they should not be ignored nor go 'viral'.

All inappropriate or offensive content should be reported to the relevant authorities:

  1. For any type of inappropriate online content over social media sites or the internet, you should lodge a complaint directly to the content owner or website administrator. If there is no information about the owner or website administrator, we advise you to use the "Report Abuse" service provided by the website.
  2. For serious cases, you should lodge complaints to the police or other related enforcement agencies.

This FAQ will assist you in identifying the types of inappropriate content you may encounter online and which agency you can contact.

This should be reported to the Women and Child Abuse Investigation Unit of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF). You can lodge a police report at your nearest police station or call the Police Hotline at 993.

If you know the child in question, you should contact the Community Development Department (JAPEM) hotline at 141. Victims of apparent physical abuse and torture should be taken to the hospital immediately.

These include information that insults Islam, contains matters affecting the purity of Islam or are against the belief, laws and teachings of Islam.

​This should be reported directly to the Religious Enforcement Section at 7237771.

You can lodge a complaint directly to the Halal Food Control Division:

  1. For content related under the Halal Meat Act reported directly at 8845506.
  2. For content related under the Halal Certificate and Halal Label reported directly at 7166222.
  3. Or email the Halal Food Control Division  at or or refer to their Facebook page: Bahagian Kawalan Makanan Halal, JHES,KHEU

The list of security issues identified by the Brunei Internal Security Department (BISD)  include the following:

      i.        Subversion

Any attempt may it be by an individual, group or an organisation aimed to jeopardise the national security, or to overthrow His Majesty's Government or the country's Constitution in a manner resorting to violent means or in any manner which contradicts the Constitution

     ii.        Espionage

Any attempt to obtain government-classified information or document illegally in order to assist a foreign power or government or to achieve specific objectives.

    iii.        Sabotage

Any act intended to cause physical damage to significant places and essential services in the country or to carry out (intentionally) any activities, which are detrimental to the country's economic interests to jeopardize public confidence towards the government.

    iv.        Terrorism

The use of various means of violence, threats and terror by individual, group or organisation intended to intimidate and instill fear towards the civilian population and their property to further their political or religious aim and ideology.

     v.        Promotion of racial and religious violence

To promote feelings of enmity and resentment between different racial groups or different religion in order to instill values, beliefs and practice of the minority group towards another group or groups (majority).

​You can report any issues threaten national security directly to the BISD hotline at 133.

  1. Examples of privacy concerns include:
    1. Personal information such as name, identity card number, address, phone number family details or photos that are being distributed without individual's consent.
    2. Individual's information that is dishonestly obtained to impersonate a person by creating a fake online account to spread false information or to send embarrassing or humiliating content.
  2. Examples of cyber security issues include:
    1. Hacked online accounts such as email or social networking account.
    2. Malware activities i.e. viruses, worms, Trojan horse, and spyware.
    3. Online scam involved through social networking or dating apps.

You can lodge a police report at your nearest police station or call the Police Hotline at 993.

If you need further advice, contact BruCERT at 2458001 or email to Website:

​You can report health related issues directly to the Ministry of Health at 2381640 or email at Website:

​You can report financial related issues to Authoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam at 2384626 or email at Website :

Online content provision can be bound to laws or legislations of Brunei, what applies offline ought to apply online and reports or complaints can be made to relevant enforcement agencies in relation to matters that fall within their own jurisdictions as follows:-

No.Type of Offences
National Laws
Enforcement Agency
1SeditionSedition Act (Chapter 24)
S4 (c) Seditious offencesRoyal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
2Child PornographyPenal Code (Chapter 22)S293B Taking, distributing, showing, advertisement and access of indecent photograph of childRoyal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
DefamationS3771 Printing, publication etc. of voyeuristic recordings
S499 Defamation
Prohibits the sale or distribution of obscene articlesS507 Criminal Intimidation by an anonymous communication
4Spread false informationPublic Order Act (Chapter 148)S34 Offence to spread false informationRoyal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
5Immoral/Indecent/offensiveBroadcasting Act (Chapter 180), The Internet Code of Practice NotificationHigh risk content that is against the public interest or national harmony and good taste and decency in radio, Television, websites, blogsPrime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Communications, Royal Brunei Police Force
6Identity TheftElectronic Transactions Act (Chapter 196)S48 It is an offence for any person who has, due to the powers conferred under the ETA, obtained access to electronic records, books, registers, correspondences, information, documents or other material to disclose such information to any other person.Royal Brunei Police Force, Ministry of Communications
7CopyrightCopyright Order, 1999Copyright offences Royal Brunei Police Force
Computer Misuse Act (Chapter 194)S3 Unauthorised access to computer materialRoyal Brunei Police Force
S4 Access with intent to commit of facilitate the commission of an offence involving property, fraud, dishonesty of bodily harm.
S5 Unauthorised modification of computer service
S6 Unauthorised use or interception of computer service
S7 Unauthorised obstruction of use of computer
S8 Unauthorised disclosure of access code
9Child sexual abuse, negligence and exploitationChild Online Protection National Strategy FrameworkChild sexual abuse, negligence and exploitationMinistry of Culture, Youth and Sport 
10Medicines sales/AdvertisementMedicines Order 2007Promotion of sale of medicinal products and medical AdvertisementMinistry of Health
11Illegality of online gamblingChapter 28 Common Gaming House Act Royal Brunei Police Force
12Insulting Religion of IslamPerintah Kanun Hukuman Jenayah Syariah, 2013 Chapter 220 and 221Chapter 220 ( Menghina atau menyebabkan ugama Islam dipandang hina dll) and Chapter 221 ( Menghina Nabi oleh orang bukan Islam)Ministry of Religious Affairs

Type of Offences
National Law
Enforcement Agency
1Possessing, distributing, advertising, selling or circulating obscene articlesPenal Code (Chapter 22)Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
2SeditionSedition Act (Chapter 24)Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)

Penal Code (Chapter 22)

Defamation Act (Chapter 192)

Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
4Spreading false informationPublic Order Act (Chapter 148)Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
5Broadcasting matters that are not in compliance with the broadcasting and internet codes

Broadcasting Act (Chapter 180),

Internet Code of Practice Notification

Prime Minister's Office (PMO), Ministry of Communications,

Royal Brunei Police Force

6Publishing digital certificates for fraudulent purposes, misrepresentation of identity for the purposes of obtaining a digital certificate, unlawful disclosure of electronic records and for related matters. Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 196)Royal Brunei Police Force, Ministry of Communications
7Copyright related offences

Copyright Order, 1999

Industrial Designs Order, 1999

Patents Order, 2011

Trade Marks Act, 2000

Royal Brunei Police Force


8Unauthorized access or modification of computer material and for related matters.Computer Misuse Act (Chapter 194)Royal Brunei Police Force
9Child sexual abuse, neglect and exploitation.Child Online Protection National Strategy FrameworkMinistry of Culture, Youth and Sport
10Insulting the religion of Islam and the Prophet

Perintah Kanun Hukuman Jenayah Syariah, 2013

(Chapter 220 and 221)

Ministry of Religious Affairs
11Offences related to the promotion of sale of medicinal products and false medical advertisementMedicines Order 2007Ministry of Health
12Online gamblingCommon Gaming House Act (Chapter 28)Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
13Money laundering, terrorism financing and other related financial crimes.Anti-Terrorism (Financial and Other Measures) Act (Chapter 197)

Ministry of Finance


AITI type approves telecommunication and radiocommunication equipment so to make sure that the equipment is:

  • Properly designed, produced and operated;
  • Safe to use and does not cause harmful interference to other equipment, systems or networks; and
  • Complies with the technical standards so it is compatible with other equipment, systems or networks and works well to be used in Brunei Darussala