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Dealer Type Approval


Type Approval is a certificate issued by AITI to make sure that any telecommunications and radio-communications equipment meets the national safety standards and technical requirement in Brunei Darussalam.

Any interests in applying Type Approval should refer to AITI's technical specifications requirement that can be found here.

This certification is proof that the telecommunication and radiocommunication equipment has been registered with AITI and can be used, sold and distributed safely in Brunei Darussalam.

There are currently two (2) categories of Type Approval:

  1. Personal Type Approval - Importation of equipment for own use. This Type Approval apply to individuals, sole proprietorship, partnerships and companies [link].
  2. Dealer Type Approval - Importation of equipment for resale. Applicants must hold a valid Dealer Licence issued by AITI. Dealer Licence holders must apply for Dealer Type Approval before importation of the equipment. Applications are based on the model of the equipment to be imported.

Type Approval Levels for Dealer Type Approval

For Dealer Type Approval, the equipment are defined into three (3) levels. Each level has specific requirements for showing compliance with relevant standards and is based on the risk of interference that may be expected from a particular piece of telecommunications or radiocommunications equipment.

​Non-compliance equipment that would cause low risk of interference to other equipment using the same radio frequency and telecommunications network ​Non-compliance equipment that would cause moderate risk of interference to other equipment using the same radio frequency and telecommunications network ​Non-compliance equipment that would cause high risk of interference to other equipment using the same radio frequency and telecommunications network or personal safety

Dealer Type Approval Application Process

All applications must be made through AITI Online Services

Approved Type Approval certification will be available online for download. Printed (hard copy) Type Approval certification can be provided through AITI counter on request.

Applicants must attach and upload the following technical documents with their online applications:

  1. ​Technical Specifications/ Brochure of Equipment that complies with AITI's Code of Practice on SRD.
  2. Picture of equipment.
  1. ​Technical specifications / brochure of equipment.
  2. Test Report or Certificate of equipment*.
  3. Picture of equipment.
  1. ​Technical specifications / brochure of equipment.
  2. Test Report or Certificate of equipment*.
  3. Picture of equipment.

* Applicant can also submit certification recognised by R&TTE, ETSI, ISO/IEC 17052 or Certificate of Conformity from Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) Singapore or SIRIM/QAS Malaysia.

All complete Dealer Type Approval applications submitted will undergo verification and technical evaluation. Time taken for evaluation will depend on the equipment level as below:

  1. Level 1 application will be processed within two (2) working days provided that it complies with AITI technical specification; and
  2. Level 2 and 3 application will be processed within seven (7) working days.
AITI's Technical Specifications can be found here.

Dealer Type Approval Fees

Fees will be calculated based on the number and type of equipment imported as listed below:
​Type of Equipment
​Type Approval Fee (BND)
​Telephone System

​ ​ ​
​ADSL Modem
​Audio and Video Conferencing
​Short Range Devices (SRD) (clickable pop up description of SRD)
​Voice Over IP (VOIP)
​Remote Control TX for Car
​Remote Control TX for Aircraft

​Amateur Radio

​Mobile Phones (GSM/CMTS)
​Marine Radio
​Satellite Phone/Phone Cell
​Kristal Astro
​Satellite Receiver 

Payments can be made through the AITI Online Services (Credit Card or Debit Card) or at AITI's Counter Services. Our counter operating hours are:

​Office Hours
​Monday-Thursday ​8.15am - 11.45 am and
1.30pm - 3.45pm
​Friday ​8.15am - 11.30am and
2.30pm - 3.30pm
Counter cloes during Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

What is Short Range Devices (SRD)?

Devices categorized under SRD (Level 1) are devices that uses the radio-frequency to transmit information. The basic nature of SRDs are:

  • SRDs have low capability of causing interference to other similar devices;

  • SRDs operates in an unprotected and shared frequency bands and it will be able to tolerate any interference caused by other radio-communication services;

  • SRDs are intended for communications in confined areas of buildings and for localised on-site operations;

  • SRDs may be in the form of fixed, mobile or portable stations that come with a radio frequency output connector and dedicated or integral antenna.  

SRD enabled applications include alarms systems, vehicle radar systems, wireless local area networks, remote controls, telemetry and on-site paging systems. 

AITI has developed a Code of Practice on Technical Specification for Short Range Device (SRD).

What is in the Code of Practice on Technical Specifications for Short Range Devices (SRD)?

This code defines the technical requirements that all SRD must meet when operating. This includes requirements on:

​Measurements (Units)
​​MegaHertz (MHz)
​​Maximum Field Strength
​​Volts per meter (V/m)
​Radio Frequency (RF) output power
​​Watts (W)

Type Approval Equipment Search

This database consists of telecommunications and radiocommunications equipment that have been Type Approved by AITI. The database will be updated from time to time.

Should there be any inquiries on the database, users should contact AITI Counter Services for further clarification.

Instructions to users:

  1. Please type in either the Brand or Model of the equipment and click the “Search” button.
  2. The “Advanced Search” button after the list of results shown can be used to further refine the search within the results.
  3. Searches will display records of equipment registered at AITI from the year 2000.
  4. Records of equipment displayed in this search engine are for reference purposes only. The approval of AITI is still required for any import made.
  5. For further enquiries about any specific equipment, please contact AITI or visit the AITI Counter Services during office hours.
  6. Lists of type approved equipments is available to be download here.

AITI Technical Standards

 AITI established telecommunications standards and technical requirements under Level 1 for the purpose to ensure that any equipment can connect to any telecommunications system or equipment belonging to a telecommunication licensee.

Below are the technical standards published by AITI: