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Content Regulation


Content management for different platforms in Brunei is fragmented, with responsibilities spread across several government agencies. The establishment of Content Advisory Council (CAC) is to oversee on content related matter through cooperation between various agencies in dealing with regulatory, enforcement and content management issues in Brunei. Members to the Advisory Council are as follows;

  1. Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office (Co-Chairman)
  2. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications (Co- Chairman)
  3. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education
  4. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs
  5. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
  6. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
  7. Representative, Attorney General Chambers

AITI together with the Prime Minister’s Office are the co-secretariat to the Council. CAC through its working groups (comprised of the respective agencies in CAC as well as Police, JKDN and ITPSS) are actively monitor content distributed through the internet or social media and has taken action in accordance with the existing powers and laws.

In accordance with best practices, offence committed online should also be addressed as offence committed offline which all relevant laws in the country should still be applicable. Reports/ complaints can be made to relevant enforcement agencies in relation to matters that fall within their own jurisdiction:

​Type of Offences
​National Law
​Enforcement Agency
​Processing, distributing, advertising, selling or circulating obscene articles
​Penal Code (Chapter 22)
​Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
​Sedition Act (Chapter 24)
​Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
​Defamation Act (Chapter 192)
​Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
​Spreading false information
​Public Order Act (Chapter 148)
​Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF)
​Broadcasting matters that are not in compliance with the broadcasting and internet codes
​Broadcasting Act (Chapter 180),
Internet Code of Practice Notification
​Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ministry of Communications, 
Royal Brunei Police Force
​Publishing digital certificates for fraudulent purposes, misrepresentation of identity for the purposes of obtaining a digital certificate, unlawful disclosure of electronic records and for related matters
​Electronic Transactions Act (Chapter 196)
​Royal Brunei Police Force, Ministry of Communications
​Copyright related offences
​Copyright Order, 1999
Industrial Designs Order, 1999
Patents Order, 2011
Trade Marks Act, 2000
​Royal Brunei Police Force
​Unauthorized access or modification of computer material and for related matters
​Computer Misuse Act (Chapter 194)
​Royal Brunei Police Force
​Child sexual abuse, neglect and exploitation
​Child Online Protection National Strategy Framework
​Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport
​Insulting the religion of Islam and the Prophet
​Perintah Kanun Hukuman Jenayah Syariah, 2013
(Chapter 220 and 221)
​Ministry of Religious Affairs
​Offences related to the promotion of sale of medicinal products and false medical advertisement
​Medicines Order 2007
​Ministry of Health
​Online gambling
​Common Gaming House Act (Chapter 28)
​Royal Brunei Police Force
​Money laundering, terrorism financing and other related financial crimes
​Anti-Terrorism (Financial and Other Measures) Act (Chapter 197)
​Ministry of Finance

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To facilitate in regulating content on radio, television and the internet to ensure that they are in line with the clauses set under the Broadcasting Act (Chapter 180);
  • To carry out secretariat affairs for the Content Advisory Council and Content Advisory Council Working Group.​