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The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) is a statutory body which is responsible for:

  • Telecommunications and radiocommunications regulation
  • Radiofrequency spectrum planning and management
  • ICT industry development

 AITI was established on 1 January 2003 by the AITI Order 2001 to function as telecommunications regulator, national radio-frequency spectrum manager and developer of Brunei Darussalam's ICT industry

 On 1 April 2006, the Telecommunications Successor Company Order 2001 and Telecommunications Order 2001 were brought into force. This had the effect of corporatizing the Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Communications to become Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) and transferring the regulatory authority of the Director of Telecommunications which resided at the Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Communications to AITI. Prior to this, the Telecommunications Department performed the dual functions of regulator and service provider.


Providing a conducive ICT environment to promote innovative and vibrant ICT industry that will enrich quality of life and propel the nation forward.



To provide license and regulate telecommunications and radiocommunications system and services, and manage the national radiofrequency spectrum in Brunei Darussalam.

  • To promote the development and growth of the ICT industry.
  • To represent the country at international fora in order to keep pace of international changes and development.


Core Strategic Objectives

  1. To influence key stakeholders strategically by delivering industry foresight and envisioning
  2. To create opportunities that capitalize on innovative and emerging technologies
  3. To provide conducive environment and level playing field that lead to sustained development and growth of the telecommunication market
  4. To foster ubiquitous infrastructure that serves as a key enabler for development of other sectors.
  5. To manage national spectrum effectively to ensure stable operation and advancement of wireless communication services and applications
  6. To protect consumers' interest by promoting competitive pricing & tariff, safeguarding against the misuse of market power and ensuring quality of services
  7. To support and facilitate National cybersecurity agenda under the guidance of JKN
  8. To develop policies/framework and create platform/environment where individuals can maximize the use of ICT and thrive to be innovative
  9. To provide excellent quality and efficient services to our customers


Supporting Strategic Objectives

  1. Create high performing organisation (HPO) as core driver to attain organisational excellence
  2. Strengthen compliance through practice of effective corporate governance and efficient business processes
  3. Deliver strategic message to all stakeholders through coherent and effective communication
  4. Allocate and prioritize funding and resources to focus on high impact initiatives
  5. Achieve operational excellence through digital transformation

Members of Authority

​Senior Leadership Team

​International Functions

One of AITI's functions is to act internationally as the national body representative of Brunei Darussalam in respect of ICT matters. AITI works closely with the Government ministries and agencies to raise our profile on the international stage.

AITI is represented at the following international meetings:

  • ASEAN Telecommunications Senior Official Meetings (TELSOM) and Telecommunications Ministerial Meetings (TELMIN)
  • ASEAN Telecommunications Regulatory Council (ATRC)
  • Asia Pacific Economic Council Telecommunications (APECTEL) meetings,
  • Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) meetings,
  • International Telecommunication Union meetings,
  • World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC)