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AITI plays an important role in introducing initiatives and programs to assist the ICT industry in Brunei Darussalam. As part of such initiatives, the GRANT for development of local ICT & Digital Media industries has been set up to assist local ICT-related industry players including production houses in Brunei Darussalam to achieve such aims.




· To encourage and enhance the Research and Development (R&D) activities by local businesses in Brunei Darussalam, leading to innovative products that possess significant commercial potential;
· To strengthen R&D capabilities of Bruneians;
· To encourage the development of more innovative and competitive local content developers in Brunei Darussalam; and
· To develop “Brunei-Made” and local contents of ICT and Digital Media products.
Types of Grant




Applicants can apply for the following three types of GRANT:
· Enhancement – for improving and upgrading existing products;
· Ownership – for obtaining certification and quality management systems such as trademark, patent and IPR; and
· Marketing – for marketing and improving existing branding, packaging, design or labeling.


Grant Application
Applicants must provide all information required in the application form together with other supporting documents as well as a project proposal and a product or solution business plan setting out the following :-


1. Company Profile
2. Full product proposal
2.1 Description of Brunei-Made element
3. Current business environment
4. SWOT analysis
5. Business and Marketing Strategy
5.1 Business Strategy
5.2 Market Analysis
5.3 Product Positioning
5.4 Pricing Positioning
5.5 Advertising and Promotion
5.6 Target Market
5.7 Distribution Channels
5.8 Product Roadmaps
6. Operations & Maintenance Plans (Technical Plans)
6.1 Network structure
6.2 ISP Provider
6.3 Project Manager & Technical Support (Qualification & Past Experiences)
6.4 Project Management Methodology to be used in terms of managing product risk
7. Human Resource Plans
7.1 Organization Chart (Project team members and roles)
7.2 Human Resources Planning
7.3 Transfer of Knowledge to Locals Planning
8. Risk Analysis (Technical Risks, Non-Technical Risks)
9. Implementation Schedule and Project Milestones
10. Financial Analysis
10.1 Revenue Projections
10.2 Profit and Loss Projections
10.3 Cash Flow Forecast
11. Conclusions and Recommendations


Grant Recipients to Date


Company Name
Award Date
MARS Enterprise
26th November 2010
Crescent Sdn Bhd
26th November 2010
John Harith Technology Sdn Bhd
26th November 2010
Alif Technologies Sdn Bhd
10th March 2011
Syarikat Indah Sejahtera Development & Services Sdn Bhd
10th March 2011
ZimacSilicon Technologies Sdn Bhd
10th June 2011
BruGPS Technologies Sdn Bhd
10th June 2011
Ambuyart Animations Company
18th October 2011
PHMD Publishing Company
22nd February 2013
SocialBuzz Advertising
22nd February 2013
Cinematicpro Services
22nd February 2013
Media Hikmah
22nd February 2013
​13 ​MeSixty Sdn Bhd ​7th February 2014
​14 ​Giftbox Enterprise Sdn Bhd ​7th February 2014

Closing Date
Next round of applications will close by 4.30pm on Wednesday, 31st December 2014.
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