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The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) has been working with service providers to bring number portability to the market. This is in line with AITI's key functions to promote fair and efficient market conduct and effective competition with a focus on consumer benefit and choice. 

Number portability is the ability for consumers to retain their existing phone number when switching to a new service provider. This is referred to as "porting". 

This means that consumers can choose to move to a new service provider, without having to change your phone number and avoid the inconvenience of having to notify friends and associates that you have changed your phone number.   

Number portability will be available in the Brunei market from 24 January 2020.


Number Portability FAQs


1.      Who can enjoy Number Portability services? 

All consumers who hold an active mobile or fixed line service can port their phone numbers when switching to a new service provider. Mobile phone numbers can only be ported to another mobile service provider and fixed line phone numbers can only port to another fixed line service provider.  You cannot port between mobile phone numbers and fixed line phone numbers. 

Number Portability is available for all Postpaid and Prepaid mobile users.  Mobile phone numbers can also be ported between Postpaid and Prepaid services. 


2.      How do I port my number when I switch to another service provider and what documents do I need when applying? 

If you are the account holder, you can switch service providers by visiting the retail shop of the service provider you want to switch to, the service providers customer care representatives will take you through the process.  Remember to bring your Identity Card (ID) with you. 

The number to be ported must be active at the time of the port request. i.e. able to make outgoing calls, send outgoing SMS, access to data services.  

Porting is free of charge and can be requested for any day of the week between 9:00am to 9:00pm.  

You will receive an SMS notification once your mobile phone number has been successfully ported.  For fixed line phone numbers, you will receive the SMS notification on the mobile number registered to your account.



3.      Can I still use my current service provider's service during the transfer time between service providers? 

You will still be able to use your service provider's service before you finally switch to a new service provider and you still have to pay for this usage.  There will be a short inactive period during the transfer time and before you get your new SIM card. Please consult your service provider on the duration period. 

You will not be able to receive any incoming calls or SMS or use your data quota once service from your previous service provider is deactivated. 

All VAS/voicemail/text messages from your previous service provider will be void. However, you will be able to select new Value-Added Service with your new Service Provider as you wish. 


4.      Will I need to cancel my existing service directly with my existing service provider before switching? 

No, you do not have to cancel your existing service. Your subscription will automatically be terminated once you have successfully ported to the new service provider. 


5.      Do I need to pay my annual license fee when porting?

No, the anniversary date for your annual license fee will be carried over from your previous service provider. 


6.      How long after I port to new service provider, can I port again to another service provider? 

You must remain with your new service provider for at least 3 months before porting again. 


7.      Can I still be contacted by my previous service provider once I have successfully ported out? 

Your former service provider is only allowed to contact you to recover any outstanding payments due to them.   Your former service provider will also issue one final bill for any remaining payment due after you have ported.